Learning and teaching

UOW's aim is to create a culture of learning and teaching distinguished by collaboration, innovation and excellence. The University has a student-centred approach to learning and teaching where highly professional academic and professional services staff encourage students to learn, grow and achieve.

Learning and Teaching at UOW

The Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Academic and Student Life (ASL) Professor Theo Farrell welcomes you to explore some key components of learning and teaching at UOW.

Hello, I'm Professor Theo Farrell. I'm the Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Academic and Student Life at UOW.

Here at ý we strive to foster a culture of innovation and excellence in learning and teaching. On this website you'll find information about the extensive range of resources, training and support that we provide for staff and students most of which can be accessed through the L&T Hub.

We also provide 24/7 learning support for students as well as more specialised learning development support.

And finally, I'd like to make a big shout-out for WATTLE. Our vibrant staff-led community of practice in education. Bringing together staff who are passionate about innovation in learning and teaching across the university.

I hope you find this website useful.