We inspire a better future through education, research and partnership.

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Our Values


Our 2030 & Beyond Vision

A Purposeful Future

Our commitment to a better future has shaped our direction and impact since our inception. In those early days developing the Illawarra and its industries focused our intent and our pioneering spirit was born. From these origins, we have grown to be a diverse and inclusive civic university, working to solve global challenges and promoting harmony and social cohesion. Our success is the creation of our people and valued partnerships, locally, regionally and internationally.

This White Paper is our strategic intent and it will guide us through the next decade. It will be our constant over this time, steering our direction, providing flexibility for new opportunities and guiding the development of our five-year strategic, education, research, and partnership plans.

The passion, pride and commitment of our people has created our 2030 and beyond aspiration captured in this White Paper. We look forward to a purposeful future.

Our pillars - Global outlook

Global outlook

We will focus on interdisciplinary teaching and research that harnesses the collective ideas, innovations and strengths of our global network.

Our pillars - Trust through partnerships

Trust through partnerships

The strength of our partnerships and willingness to engage with our communities will continue to see us prosper as a trusted global University.

Our pillars - Change that matters

Change that matters

We will boldly tackle the health, social and environmental challenges of our time through our teaching and research.

Our 2020 - 2025 Strategic Plan

Our 2020 - 2025 Strategic Plan has been developed to ensure UOW is positioned to rapidly adapt, respond and lead change.

Goal 1: Empowering students for their future

GOAL 1: Empowering students for their future

Renowned for innovative educational experiences that prepare students for the future of work. We will:

1.1 Transform our course portfolio.
1.2 Engage students as partners.
1.3 Develop our students as global citizens.
1.4 Provide sector-leading support for students.
1.5 Promote and reward teaching excellence.

GOAL 2: Creating knowledge for a better world

GOAL 2: Creating knowledge for a better world

Globally recognised for delivering impactful research that drives positive change. We will:

2.1 Invest in outstanding researchers.
2.2 Champion high-performing teams to tackle complex problems and global challenges.
2.3 Sustain best practice graduate research training.
2.4 Continue our focus on research quality, engagement and impact.
2.5 Transform how we deliver and track our research, innovation and impact.

GOAL 3: Making a difference for our communities

GOAL 3: Making a difference for our communities

Leveraging our unique regional perspective and transformative capabilities in the interests of society. We will:

3.1 Promote safe, respectful and socially inclusive communities.
3.2 Enhance our civic and social role by showcasing our impact with partners and community.
3.3 Drive transformative change through partnerships.
3.4 Increase employment opportunities through community and industry partnerships.
3.5 Embrace the circular economy and initiatives which promote environmental sustainability.

Transformative Priorities - Digitalisation


Our digitalisation priority will see us pursue projects and redesign processes to enhance our digital capacity and teaching, learning and research practices.

Transformative Priorities - Growth


Our growth priority will see us continue to focus on the opportunities to differentiate our offerings and research to ensure our long-term financial sustainability

Transformative Priorities - Collaboration


Our collaborations priority will see us increase our strategic engagement with our industry partners, peers and communities to help address wicked problems that have impact for individuals and our world.

Strategic Enablers - People


Our students, academic and professional services staff drive our success and create our impact. Our workforce management strategies will attract and retain the best talent and continuously develop our people to create the re-imagined workforce of the future. We will invest in our people to provide them with the best tools to develop and expand their leadership and skills.

Strategic Enablers - Culture


Our culture will be characterised by excellence, collaboration, agility, nimbleness, and responsiveness to the market. Supported by flexible systems and processes we focus our efforts on creating positive change. We will continue to champion inclusion, diversity, and gender equity to create a welcoming environment for everyone.

Strategic Enablers - Infastructure


Our globally networked learning and research experience will be enabled by state-of-the-art physical and digital infrastructure. Our physical and virtual presence will create a deep sense of belonging to UOW and demonstrate contemporary practices in safety and accessibility.

Strategic Enablers - Finance


Our focus on best practice resource management and diversifying of revenue streams will support our ongoing financial viability. We will inform and resource our student recruitment practices on the basis of market insights and evidence to optimise our enrolment and retention outcomes. We will continue to embed effective planning and reporting practices, ensuring transparency and optimal allocation of resources.

Our 2023-2025 Roadmap

The Roadmap is a short-term tactical plan that enables us to maximise outcomes against our existing strategy, allowing us to refocus our priorities in an uncertain environment whilst being flexible in our approach.​

Goal 1: Empowering students for their future

Academic & Student Life

Renowned for delivering an exemplary student experience

Our 2025 objectives are to:

  1. Transform the UOW student experience through enhanced personalised support, improved efficiency of processes, re-energised campus life, and working with students as trusted partners.
  2. Innovate learning & teaching to focus on evolving student and societal needs.
  3. Develop transnational course offerings and learning opportunities for our students.

GOAL 2: Creating knowledge for a better world

Research & Sustainable Futures

Renowned for delivering impactful outcomes

Our 2025 objectives are to:

  1. Maximise the potential of every researcher (including HDR candidates).
  2. Connect our disciplinary research excellence to transdisciplinary and translational research endeavours that deliver impactful outcomes.
  3. Focus on thematic research strengths for greater investment, including recruitment strategies, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.
  4. Alignment of the Academic Performance Framework and the Research Development Policy.
  5. Optimise the strategic planning, acquisition, utilisation and sustainability of our major research assets and infrastructure.

GOAL 3: Making a difference for our communities

Innovation, Enterprise & External Relations

Driving change, growth & prosperity for all

Our 2025 objectives are to:

  1. Develop and implement a Global Recruitment Strategy that utilises our international hubs and automation to maximise growth opportunities and reduce turnaround times.
  2. Develop and implement an Innovation Strategy with iAccelerate that fosters entrepreneurship, impact and greater connection between start-ups and academics.
  3. Develop and implement a Global Business Engagement Strategy across our campuses that delivers mutually beneficial opportunities across philanthropy, work integrated learning and research providing pathways and professional development.

Strategy & Assurance

An enterprise lens across risk, prioritisation, governance & strategy

Our 2025 objectives are to:

  1. Build a mature, analytical and accountable organisation, by creating an innovative, agile and resilient organisational and governance structure that advances our strategic objectives.
  2. Refocus and prioritise strategies, initiatives and data management to progress our core mission and ambitions.
  3. Deliver a best-in-class, proactive risk and quality assurance environment that drives enhancement and improvement across the institution and renews our reputation as an accountable, transparent and ethical organisation.

Strategic Enablers - Culture


Talent, systems & processes powering sustainability & performance

Our 2025 objectives are to:

  1. Implement transparent, inclusive and contemporary workforce management practices that engage employees in delivering an equitable, diverse, inclusive, safe and accountable workplace.
  2. Accelerate digital transformation while streamlining core business processes and addressing ‘fit-for-purpose’ issues with our major business systems through effective stakeholder engagement throughout the design, development and delivery phases.
  3. Progress towards UOW’s Carbon Neutrality commitment through reducing direct emissions and more efficient use of spaces.
  4. Return the University’s underlying operating result to a sustainable level.

Our Thematic Strategies

Key priorities have been developed into focused strategies to drive our impact.

UOW Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Strategy