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True academic success comes down to breakthrough research. And breakthrough research comes down to funding. With research grants increasingly difficult to win, commercial research is a compelling alternative. Work on real-world challenges and build your career options. Last year, we brought more than $30m in research funding into the University and that number is set to grow.

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Commercialising your technology

UOW is a rich source of novel concepts and technologies. UOW’s Innovation and Commercial Research (ICR) Unit work closely with researchers to identify ideas that have real commercial potential.

We work with businesses and investors to protect and commercialise the latest in UOW’s technologies.

In some cases, the technology will be technically proven and ready for an early stage licence.

In other cases, there may an opportunity for a business to be a partner in further research and development, potentially leveraging support from Government programs such as Australian Research Council Linkages or Commercialisation Australia.

UOW commercialisation process

  1. Proactively search for investors who may be interested in your technologies
  2. Discusses the commercial potential of your R&D and options for commercialising it
  3. If you are interested in pursuing it further, ICR will organise a meeting with potential business partner(s)
  4. Should you, after completing your due diligence, decide to proceed, ICR will negotiate suitable arrangements 

Guiding researchers in commercialisation

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