Partnership & collaboration

UOW is an international network of campuses and regional learning centres. Together with our partners, we are a strong and connected presence in our communities, providing strategic opportunities for collaboration and innovation generation.

We've developed key research partnerships and collaborations with universities, institutes, governments, industry and researchers across Australia and internationally to tackle some of the biggest issues facing the planet.

From understanding and adapting to climate change, to confronting the medical challenges of our times, or helping the world nourish its growing population, our approach is based on the premise that solving the world's problems is best done collectively. Our commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) enables us to review comparative approaches and develop international best practice on tackling the SDGs with our partners.

Building networks & alliances

Graduates celebrate Alumni networks
Dr Leah Gibbs from the School of Geography and Sustainable Communities Global Challenges
man and woman in industrial steel manufacturing setting Industry and commercial research
partnerships NUW Alliance signing dignitary Global connections