About UOW Security

Our role is to protect people and property on University properties. UOW Security operates in ý 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year and responds to the ý Campus, Innovation Campus and Student Accommodation and business activity across ý.  

UOW engages security contractors for the regional and metropolitan campuses.  UOW Security also provides support and assistance to these campuses as needed. 

Contacting UOW Security


Step 1: Contact UOW Security on 4221 4900 (ext 214900), or raise an Emergency Alert, a First Aid Alert or Help call using SafeZone  or dial #1 at any Security telephone.
Step 2: Dial Triple Zero, 000 for Police, Fire Brigade or Ambulance.

For general enquiries and safety escorts

Contact UOW Security on 4221 4555 (ext 214555) or dial #3 from any campus security telephone.
Email: security@uow.edu.au
Mobile Telephone: 0407 287 750
Fax: 4221 3287

Call Centre support

All telephones are supported by a third party call centre service. Please leave your name, a brief message and a contact number or your location where a Security Officer may meet you.  A Security Officer will respond to your call.

E-reporting for non-urgent security matters

Staff and students can use the  to report non-urgent security matters. 

For example:

  • Report the theft of property stolen on campus such as wallets, phones, backpacks or bicycles,
  • Report damage to motor vehicles in carparks,
  • Report traffic accidents, or
  • Report minor security breaches.     

Safe and respectful communities

UOW Security contribute to supporting a safe and respectful community.

Safe and respectful communities

Sexual harassment and assault support

Get support

Download SafeZone

SafeZone is UOW Security's mobile app and is the quickest way to contact Security. All UOW Campus locations are covered by the app.

SafeZone app logo

Security and safety

Staying safe in ý

This video provides important information for students about how to stay safe in ý

More NSW Police videos prepared for students by students

Staff safety awareness zone

Information for UOW Staff about security and safety procedures.

UOW Security staff with vehicle

UOW Security licensing

University of ý
Master Licence No: 407370903
NSW Security Industry Act 1997

Note: UOW's approved Security Contractor is SNP Security
Master Licence M/L No: 400674602