Generator lab

Connecting industry problems with research focused solutions

What is the Generator lab?

The Generator Lab connects SMEs, industry and government enterprises with UOW researchers and other stakeholders to solve their innovation problems by using disruptive technologies and collaborative people power.

Generator Lab is an event-based platform which encourages the development of new products, processes and capabilities for all involved through knowledge sharing in a participatory environment. Its main aim is to increase the regions innovation capacity through partnerships and collaboration.

Australian businesses that engage in collaborative innovation with research organisations such as UOW are 242% more likely to report increases in productivity, compared to non-innovating businesses. The timeframe of each Generator Lab project varies between a few hours through to a year. All commercial rights for the intellectual property generated through the project will reside with the industry partners and not UOW.

An example of an ongoing collaborative research project that has evolved from a Generator Lab event saw SMEs and UOW researchers working with an aged-care provider and a wool manufacturer to develop wearable devices in fabric socks to monitor the health of patients.

The reach of the Generator Labs project has already extended to Nowra and SMEs from South Western Sydney are encouraged to become involved.

Whats the process?

The GeneratorLab consists of four distinct stages


Objectives: To define Generator Lab problem and gather background research. The solution to the problem must be a product,
service or capability that is new to the world.

Requirement: Invest time into process and background research.

Outcome: Invest time into process and background research.


Objectives: Collaborate to generate potential solutions, prioritize solutions and develop scope of works to research solution.

Requirement: Openness, trust and commitment into collaboration.

Outcome: Project scope to develop solution written.


Objectives: Develop solution to problem through collaborative research project.

Requirement: Financial investment from companies in collaborative research project. There is a funding pool of up to $135,000 to
match the SMEs investment in the research project dollar for dollar (subject to eligibility of company and project). All
commercial rights for the intellectual property generated through the project will reside with the industry partners.

Outcome: New product, service or capability to solve problem.


The Generator Lab collaboration team launches the solution.

How can I be involved?

Contact the ICR team to discuss you interest in this program.

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