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Computer science and information technology underpin the way we work, learn, interact and behave in today’s world. Every industry, from creative and finance, to healthcare, agriculture and transport is transforming and creating demand for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) talent.

Gain these sought-after skills that will help you thrive in tomorrow’s economy and build our digital future.

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UOW's ý campus is set in native Australian bush and is one of the most picturesque university campuses in Australia.

All Computer Science and Information Technology programs are offered at our ý Campus.

The UOW Liverpool campus provides a culturally vibrant and welcoming place to study, right in the heart of Liverpool. With a range of degrees spanning health and nursing, social change and justice, and socially innovative IT and business, Liverpool campus is the destination for students keen to become highly employable graduates ready to take on the important issues facing our communities.

Computer Science and Information Technology degrees on offer at Liverpool campus:

Double degrees

Pathways to UOW

Postgraduate programs

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Develop the specialist skills that employers want:

  • Common first year: Our Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Information Technology, and Bachelor of Business Information Systems offer common first-year subjects, giving you the chance to try all study areas before choosing your major in your second year.
  • 7 majors: Artificial Intelligence & Big Data, Cyber Security, Digital Systems Security, Game & Mobile Development, Network Design & Management, Software Engineering, Web Design & Development.
  • Choose more than one: The undergraduate program allows you to specialise in a particular field, or combine complementary specialisations in a double degree.

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Prepare to launch your career:

  • Real experience: Bachelor of Information Technology students complete an eight weekindustry placement,gaining valuable real-world skills.
  • Connect: Become part of , UOW's unique business accelerator program where startups, scaleups, social enterprises and intrapreneurs thrive.
  • Partner: Benefit from strong connections with start-up incubators which can help fund business ideas to action.
  • Immerse yourself: You'll study in the home of ground-breaking ICT research.

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A degree from UOW opens doors:

  • Be industry ready: All UOW ICT degrees are regularly reviewed by industry to reflect the needs of the ICT workforce.
  • Get noticed: Work on real industry-sponsored projects, and showcase your work at the faculty's annual Trade Show.
  • Be rewarded: UOW works closely with a number of organisations such as Westpac, ASD and Tibra who offer generous scholarships with work-integrated learning components to our ICT students.
  • Travel and study: Seize the opportunity to visit our partner programs in Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and Malaysia, or take a semester exchange at one of 250 universities in 45 countries.


Earn a recognised qualification:

  • Undergraduate accreditation: The UOW Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Information Technology, and Bachelor of Business Information Systems are accredited by the  as meeting requirements for membership at the Professional Level.
  • Postgraduate accreditation:  The UOW Master of Computer Science, Master of Health Informatics and Master of Information Technology are accredited by the Australian Computer Society as meeting requirements for membership at the Professional Level. The Master of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) Advanced was the first degree in Australia to be awarded Advanced Professional Accreditation with the Australian Computer Society.
  • International recognition: The Australian Computer Society (ACS) has global reciprocal agreements, recognising your UOW degree internationally.



Become part of UOW's active ICT community:

  • Hands-on learning: You'll have access and opportunity to attend industry workshops, and work on industry-sponsored projects.
  • Learn from the best:  Learn from world-renowned academics who are experts in their field, and engage with guest industry lecturers throughout your degree.
  • Strong support for women: The Women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) Student Society actively supports females studying STEM at UOW.


Staff member showing a student how to use virtual reality.

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5 stars

UOW undergraduate Computer and Information Systems received a 5-star rating for skills development and learner engagement.

The Good Universities Guide 2023

Become one of the world's most employable graduates

At UOW, you'll develop real-world practical skills and content, not just theory. The latest QILT Employer Satisfaction Survey ranked employers’ overall satisfaction with UOW graduates at 89.6%, placing UOW 1st among NSW universities.

When you're ready to build, develop, explore and design the digital technologies of the future, here is just a sample of careers you can pursue:

  • Analyst 
  • Animator 
  • Augmented or virtual reality designer 
  • Computer or software engineer 
  • Cyber security specialist 
  • Electronics engineer 
  • Game or app developer 
  • IT consultant 
  • Malware analyst 
  • Network architect or engineer 
  • Programmer 
  • Quantum computing professional 
  • Risk manager 
  • Security code auditor 
  • Security engineer 
  • User interface designer 
  • Web designer or developer

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Meet Hussain

Technology is a growing industry and will play a big role in our lives and the future. I’ve enjoyed practical learning, like coding and group projects that help prepare me for when I get a job. Hussain Bachelor of Computer Science

A brighter future starts here

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Diggies cafe at North Beach ý Moving to ý

Sought-after skills

Hear from cryptology expert Senior Professor Willy Susilo and recent graduate Rhiannon Bolton, and learn about the hands-on experiences and opportunities available while studying ICT at UOW. Our graduates are job-ready, with many employed before they graduate.

[Rhiannon] I think I was interested in computer science because I was interested in like puzzles and problem-solving and I wanted a career with that kind of logical thinking.

[Snr Prof Susilo] My research area is in the area of cybersecurity and cryptology.  So I'm a cryptographer by training so basically, my research is in the area of how to secure communication over the public channel.

[Rhiannon] I think my favourite part of the degree would be how hands-on it is and instead of just learning the theory behind coding or hacking techniques you're actually hands-on in a lab working with other students and your lecturers.

[Snr Prof Susilo] Basically our principle is we want to equip students with hands-on experience so the students actually do not study theoretical basis but they will go to the lab they make their hands dirty to make sure that they can practice once they finish then we want to make sure that they are job-ready and once they conclude their study they can directly go to industry.

[Rhiannon] So the work I did in clubs and societies gave me the skills and experience to secure a scholarship with Google which took me on a trip to south-east Asia.

[Snr Prof Susilo] There are a few ranges of scholarships available for students these are basically sponsored by industry and we encourage our high-achiever students to apply for that and then the scholarship will be able to help them to study.

[Rhiannon] As a cyber professional I get to work across a lot of different types of industries and that can take me all across the world.

[Snr Prof Susilo] SCT is a very high demand at the moment and also our students are basically they will get a job before even they finish.

[Rhiannon] I've just started a graduate position in cybersecurity and at the moment I'm going through rotations of different areas something I didn't realize about cyber is that it's not just hacking or it's not just one particular thing there's a lot of different areas within cyber at the moment I'm moving between them and finding out what I like and I'm excited to specialise.

[Snr Prof Susilo] ICT is always changing from time to time so what we learned today is different from what we will need to learn tomorrow so as effectively actually our principle is we want to teach students how to learn for the future.

[Rhiannon] The reason I went into computer science is because I was interested in a job that would be that would keep changing and keep being challenging.

[Snr Prof Susilo] You have to be very passionate with this profession so effectively we do not really need students who know with the state of the art of what's happening in technology but the students have to be passionate in what they will be doing.

Study in the home of innovation

A robot wraps a bandage around a man's arm

Global Challenges program

Global Challenges brings together diverse groups of world class researchers to address real-world problems - from ethics in AI to smart garments.

UOW researchers with a laptop in a SMART facility lab

SMART Infrastructure Facility

SMART brings together experts from fields such as rail, infrastructure, transport, water, energy and economics to help governments and businesses better plan for the future.

A UOW researcher stands in a cyber security lab

Institute of Cybersecurity and Cryptology

iC2 is known worldwide for innovation and training in computer and information security.

We're fearless in the pursuit of our purpose. At UOW, you'll have ground-breaking research at your fingertips.