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Language skills are highly valued in our increasingly globalised world, with business, politics, education and creative arts conducted across cultures.

Choose to study literature in English or other languages. Expand your understanding of diverse cultures and the skills required to communicate and influence people around the world.

With student exchange programs available, you’ll have the opportunity to apply a global context to your learning experience.

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Belong to one of the best

UOW offers a broad range of choice in the humanities, allowing you to tailor your degree to your interests.

  • Our Bachelor of Arts is a flexible degree that allows you to incorporate subjects from other study areas in the humanities, such as history, politics, philosophy, and legal studies. You can further diversify your degree by adding a second major like Digital and Social Media, Visual Communication Design or Global Sustainable Development, preparing you for a dynamic career.
  • Choosing a focus in international studies will allow you to incorporate a language minor, and you are encouraged to study abroad or undertake a study tour to have a truly international experience.
  • The Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation will expose you to great works of literature that have been inspiring people for centuries. You will have the unique opportunity to directly engage with a carefully curated selection of some of the most influential works in the Western tradition of thought and art.

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UOWx is a program that connects you with incredible learning opportunities and experiences that extend beyond your coursework. You'll gain formal recognition of the time you put in to the program, as well as new skills and experiences that will set you apart from other students.  

UOW Language Ambassadors is a UOWx program that will place you in a local school, teaching your specialist language alongside a school teacher. You'll gain first-hand experience, and demonstrate your skills in community engagement, while you share your passion for languages. 

Learn more: UOW Language Ambassadors

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The world is yours to discover when you study at UOW.

We encourage you to have an international outlook with overseas study opportunities that include semester exchange and short course programs. If you add a language to your program of study, you'll also have the chance to participate in in-country language programs when travel is permitted. 

If you choose a Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation and receive a UOW Ramsey Scholarship, you will receive a return international airfare for an approved overseas study experience.

Learn more about study overseas >>

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UOW offers a number of opportunities to engage with classic literature, challenge your creativity, and equip you with the tools to express your thoughts and informed opinions. 

Our  major will foster your passion for the English language, as you critique the prose and verse of a diverse range of texts from the medieval times to the modern. 

 at UOW focuses on the study of literature and the practice of creative writing. You'll participate in workshop-based writing classes, as well as classes, and delve into the Romantics, the modernists, Shakespeare and early modern drama. This course pairs well with a major in Languages, Indigenous Studies or Philosophy. 

Through the , you'll explore some of the most influential works in the Western tradition of thought and art. You will engage with a carefully curated selection of some of the most influential works in the Western tradition of thought and art.


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You can study a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Chinese, French, Japanese, Spanish, Writing and English Literature, and the Diploma in Languages at our ý campus.

The Bachelor of International Studies, minoring in a language, is offered from our ý campus.

You can study a Bachelor of Arts majoring in English Literatures from our ý, Southern Highlands, Shoalhaven, Bega Valley, and Eurobodalla campuses.

Please check the course information page for delivery details.

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Top 150

UOW ranks among the world's top 150 universities for Arts and Humanities.

Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings by subject 2023

Become one of the world's most employable graduates

UOW Humanities graduates have the critical and creative skills that employers seek; independent thinking and the ability to articulate well-formed opinions. These in-demand skills can open a world of opportunity.

The latest QILT Employer Satisfaction Survey (2021) ranked employers' overall satisfaction with UOW graduates at 91.7% (84.7% national average), placing UOW 1st among all universities nationally.

  • Advertising executive
  • Archivist
  • Librarian
  • Art historian
  • Curator
  • Arts production manager
  • Business administration manager
  • Consultant
  • Content creator
  • Diplomat
  • Editor
  • Foreign affairs and trade officer
  • Foreign correspondent
  • Policy analyst
  • Heritage specialist
  • Writer and columnist
  • Political representative
  • Publisher
  • Researcher
  • Teacher

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Engage with the great works

Our flagship Liberal Arts degree, the Bachelor of Arts in Western Civilisation, will offer you the opportunity to explore the changing nature of life in the 21st Century by starting with an understanding of some of the greatest works of literature and art. Intensive academic training is supported by strong mentorship in this unique opportunity for high-achieving students.

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[Professor Theo Farrell - Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education)] If you become a UOW Ramsey scholar, you'll be among some of the brightest humanities students in Australia.
We've got absolutely fantastic teaching facilities here on campus and you're going to be studying a unique curriculum in a small classroom setting, and this means that you're going to have very close contact with our world-leading academics, and the opportunity to engage in really robust debate with your fellow students.
[Dr Glenda Satne - Senior Lecturer] This program provides our students with a very specific set of skills that allows them to engage with future societies and novel problems. It does this by providing them with close mentorship as well as very intensive academic training, and also the opportunity to engage with a wider global community of liberal arts academics.
[Ines Hipolito - current student] I feel quite excited that I take part of this vast research network, that's quite international, where I get to engage with conferences and events and workshops that we organize here. And I get to do that surrounded by this beautiful campus! 

Meet Thomas

Studying French at university was a great opportunity to make the final push from proficient to fluent. I studied abroad in France and New Caledonia where I realised how important knowing another language is. Language can open so many professional doors and demonstrates to employers that you have a long-term vision and can work towards achieving a goal. Thomas BACHELOR OF ARTS - BACHELOR OF INTERNATIONAL STUDIES (DEAN'S SCHOLAR)

Study abroad & exchange

Explore and apply

Expand your horizons. Learn about your study overseas options, destinations, and reasons why you should study overseas with UOW.

Financial support

Combining study and travel is achievable with a number of funding and financial supports available to assist you in studying overseas, including UOW travel grants, Australian government grants, and OS-HELP loans.

Go for it!

If you have ever dreamed of seeing the world and immersing yourself in a new culture, a study overseas program can offer you an amazing educational adventure - and an experience that will last a lifetime.

The best experience I've had outside the classroom at the university here is being able to study abroad. Tasman UOW Student

A great way to understand the culture

UOW Language Ambassador Juliette Sharp talks about her experience studying French and Spanish at the University of ý, and her involvement in the UOW Language Ambassador program.

[UOW student Juliette Sharp]
Bonjour je m'appelle Juliet. Me llamo Julieta. I'm studying a Bachelor of Media and Communications, and a Bachelor of Arts with a major in French and a
minor in Spanish.
I chose languages because I've been travelling; I've been to South America and Europe, and I really wanted to try and find a way to immerse myself properly in the culture rather than just be a tourist. I've been to France, my mother is French, so I really... she speaks me in French but I always answered in English,  so I studied languages to try and at least be a better daughter for her; actually learn some French and understand grammar better.
With UOW I went on exchange to Touques in France. It was an amazing experience. I highly recommend if anyone studying languages go on exchange. It's so great. I was there for six months. So I did a semester over winter. It wasn't that cold; it was amazing. And it really really deepened my understanding 
of the language; it was great.
I suppose some of the biggest challenges: well, on exchange I... just trying to make friends over there and immerse yourself in the culture properly. It's really different from the University here, but at the same time it's so great. I made some really good friends and you don't realise that your language is, you know, your skills are getting better, but then you come back and you realise you're actually not that bad.
So I'm in my third year of French and my tutor was organizing this language ambassador program and I thought it would be a really good idea just to, you
know, really understand what I'm learning more. 
I was I started doing my my program at Kiama high, and it really helped me, just even... it consolidated my own understanding of the language just through teaching it to other people.
When you're on doing the language program you kind of structure classes, you help them speak properly, you increase their fluency and confidence because I find a lot of the time when students are learning a language they're not really confident. When they're speaking I think the most important aspect is to have fun with it and really try and enjoy it. 
Learning a language is super important. We get asked this all the time in my French class, even in my Spanish classes as well, why we think languages are so important? It's just a great way to understand the culture, be a part of something different to your own. It's really amazing. I really recommend it to anyone.
My experience of the language ambassador was really great, it really helped me understand that I want to choose a career path that's on an international level, which is also why I study both Spanish and French.  I really want to try and follow something that's not just in Australia, maybe in a larger international company. Something like that. 

Meet Alice

During my degree I got to go to Mexico for six months. When I came back to Uni one of my teachers set me up with an internship at the ABC, and it all went from there. I’m working to help people better understand this warped world and, in understanding it, empower them to make it a better place. Alice Alice Matthews Bachelor of Journalism & Bachelor of Arts (Spanish) Producer/Presenter, SBS

A brighter future starts here

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